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Wayland's Weston Gets Output Configuration File

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  • Wayland's Weston Gets Output Configuration File

    Phoronix: Wayland's Weston Gets Output Configuration File

    Weston, the reference compositor to Wayland, now has support for output configuration from the Weston config file, i.e. the equivalent of configuring your output options with an X.Org Server from the xorg.conf...

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    Wasn't it actually a good thing to have a dynamic setup of output devices?
    I can remember that there was quite some work done to allow Xorg to run without a xorg.conf file once, right?


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      Originally posted by asdx
      That's my question, why are Wayland developers reintroducing a feature (configuration file) when Xorg devs tried to get rid of it?
      It is really so 90's
      This is one reason why I wouldn't use a binary driver with Xorg...

      p.s. I know nVidia-Fans, they provide xrandr support for a month now (after ~15 years or so)


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        That is retarded.

        In a INI file, the [output] is considered a header/category/topic and everything under is key and value.
        You cant have a header with same name, that is not valid INI file!


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          We want a config file because we can't assume that the correct configuration will always be selected. I have two laptops with external monitors, on one I want the laptop monitor off and the external at its native resolution. On the other I want both lvds and hdmi to be at the greatest common resolution. How is KMS going to do this correctly? This config file seems perfectly flexible, I don't understand the complaints.


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            Originally posted by asdx
            Why the fuck do we need this when we have KMS?
            Because KMS don't remember a custom resolution after a restart.

            All Wayland does with this information is tell KMS to turn on/off the specified output and change its resolution to the one specified, the default (eg without a config file) will be to keep each display as is (usually at the native resolution which the kernel autodetected at startup), just like it does today.

            E.g. KMS knows how to change resolution, but needs to be told what resolution the user wants to use. This is just one way of telling it, one that persists over a reboot. Dynamic (xrandr-style) resolution changes will of course also be supported.
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              Originally posted by asdx
              I don't care if KMS remembers the resolution or not after restart, I don't want to be editing a config file like a fucking idiot for something basic as setting the resolution.
              Did you fucking read the comment you were responding to? By default it does everything for you but if you need to you can change it yourself. This can only be better than situation where you are stuck with KMS even when the results are not ideal.


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                Originally posted by asdx
                Information about resolution or whatever is the job for EDID and KMS to handle:
                Well, I have an old KVM switch that in fact does not relay that information correctly. I also still have a very old monitor right in my house that apparently doesn't advertise hsync/vsync correctly.

                It's not in there yet but in the future this could be a good place to set in what directions the screens should be rotated by default.

                If you have two or more screens, how exactly does weston decide how to place them per default? Could go in this config file.

                Originally posted by asdx
                I don't want to bother to edit a fucking text file.
                Then write a fucking gui. I could probably do it in less than 10 minutes with a bit of pyqt.

                Originally posted by asdx
                WTF, it seems like Wayland hasn't learned anything from X.
                How do I set in X that when my external screen is connected that the external screen should be left from LVDS and that the external screen should be the primary screen? X doesn't do that without a config file. At the moment KDE does it for me.

                Lastly I don't see why weston should not use that or a similar file to automatically save whatever you change in your current session so you never even have to touch it.


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                  Originally posted by asdx
                  That's my question, why are Wayland developers reintroducing a feature (configuration file) when Xorg devs tried to get rid of it?

                  What we did in X.Org was make the configuration file optional. The problem with xorg.conf wasn't that it existed, but instead that you could not start up a server without it. We spent a lot of time making the server do the right thing by default and making sure that most people would never have to touch it. But we retained the option for people who had different needs from the default heuristics.

                  You should also probably look into therapy if something as basic as a new entry in weston.ini makes you this angry.


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                    <Darxus> This isn't a feature most people are expected to use, right? For most people this stuff will just be automatic, like it is for X?
                    <krh> Darxus: right

                    ^ Creator of Wayland.


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                      Originally posted by asdx
                      YOU DON'T!!!

                      Wayland uses KMS which defaults to the auto-detected native resolution, which will be just fine for ~99% of use-cases (including the Ubuntu-using grandmother you mentioned). This is for the ~1% of users where the default won't be enough...


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                        No surprise there that the child will make stupid juvenile posts, and sprinkle them with lots of fucks.

                        To all the "smart" people in this thread, how is the system supposed to know whether I want cloned displays or an extended desktop? And if the latter, whether the second screen should be to the right or bellow the first one? Unless mind-readers were invented when I wasn't looking, it can't. Hence config file. I don't need an xorg.conf to bring the displays up. But I can optionally use one to tell the system that the second display should be below the first, for example.

                        And a comment like "I shouldn't need to write a config file" only shows your narrow-mindedness. I might opt to use an xorg.conf. But someone else might opt to do clicky-clicky in the KDE/GNOME/Other control centers to achieve the same.
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                          Dude, you weren't born when I started with Linux.

                          I see Wayland/Weston is repeating the same X mistake here, which is a shame.
                          Did you even read my post? Why am I asking, of course you didn't, you think making lame "bets" instead of actually addressing the arguments is more l33t or something.

                          BTW, you lose the bet.
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                            Gusar: Just click asdx's username, click "view profile", "add to ignore list", "yes", as I just did.


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                              asdx, do you even read the articles/comments or just troll? You keep raging about stuff not working if config files aren't there in an article about an /optional/ config file that holds values that can't be auto-detected (tell me how the EDID is supposed to supply my monitor layout) instead insisting that some users can't edit it by hand (nobody is seriously expecting them to; probably 90% of configuration files on modern systems are never hand edited and are only used by the program internally)

                              I don't know what you seek to gain with your rage filled trolling but the only thing you are gaining is a reputation for being an idiot.