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X.Org Applications On Wayland Are Working

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    [quote]Why would you want to artificially limit your app to only work on brand-new linux distros, and fail on all the BSD's, etc. It's not a problem because no one will do that.[/quote[

    You sir, have clearly not heard about Lennart.


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      Originally posted by smitty3268 View Post
      It's only a problem if people are actually creating Wayland-only apps before it gets fixed.
      Hey, maybe X gets "fixed" before wayland is at a point where it doesn't break all the time.

      I'm just a little bit sarcstic because people think wayland is nearly ready to take over from X. I do think it's an important and awesome project but let's face it: Unless mature software like, the linux kernel or mesa where you can use git builds with hardly any problem ever wayland and weston are constantly in a state where it's not working for end users. I'm just amazed the developers themselves sometimes get it to a demo-able state where they can make videos of new features.

      So you people who worry about it not being feature complete: It doesn't matter because apart from tech demos you won't use it in the near future anyway. You won't run or need xwayland because wayland and weston first need to be stable...