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Wayland's Weston Lands In Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

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    How about GTK and Qt?
    Will I be able to run GNOME Terminal? gedit? xterm?

    Will I be able to run X on top of Wayland? or Wayland inside X?
    You can run gedit and many Qt applications with Weston right now (including the Qt Web Browser). The main issue is with the remaining bugs in the GTK backend, which may prevent the use of modal dialogs and menus. Wayland 1.0 isn't out yet, so a lot of stuff still won't work completely.

    I believe the embedded X server already runs under Weston- I saw some videos of this in action. I think that something like E17 could easily handle taking away the window manager's border and rendering just the application portion of the X server to that window. Of course, considering how flexible Wayland is, I suspect these issues will be sorted out as soon as a DE tries to completely support it.


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      IIUC, you won't be able to run anything natively (ie, without the weston compositor) in Ubuntu 12.04, if that's what you're wondering. For that, you'll need to ./configure GTK with the --enable-wayland-backend flag, then recompile. (and maybe something similar for Qt; not sure)