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Wayland Back-End For GTK+ Pushed Forward

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    Originally posted by srg_13 View Post
    It won't. It uses existing mode-setting drivers, existing mesa, and so on.
    i remember there were some discussions about speed but noone as i can remember gave a proper answer on if it will make a difference

    the ease and simplicity in development will come from the smaller codebase as far as i understand it


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      Wayland requires apps to use OpenGL ES because there's no actual way to create an OpenGL context on Wayland right now. Normally, to create an OpenGL context, you need to use some windowing-system-specific API, such as GLX (X11), WGL (Windows), or AGL (Mac). Wayland doesn't implement any of these for obvious reasons, instead preferring that applications use EGL.

      EGL supports OpenGL, but if I understand correctly it's only really implemented for OpenGL ES and OpenVG in Mesa right now.

      This is entirely a short term and fixable problem, not a huge show stopper of any sort.