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Ubuntu Is Going To Deploy Wayland With Unity

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  • How far into the future?

    Originally posted by phoronix View Post
    Phoronix: Ubuntu Is Going To Deploy Wayland With Unity

    This is going to be short as I have another flight to catch to San Diego for the next week [if anyone wants to meet-up to discuss Linux, Phoronix, or the Phoronix Test Suite in the area, contact me]. Anyhow, Mark Shuttleworth just sent over an email saying that they will be deploying the Wayland Display Server with their Unity Desktop -- that's replacing the GNOME Shell by default -- in a future Ubuntu release!..
    The question begs, though - how *far* into the future could Wayland be in position to replace under Unity? supports more hardware than Wayland does by far - and I'm referring *just* to display hardware a year old or less. X+Mesa 7.10 supports - and with DRI at minimum - all but the most recent AMD GPUs (HD6xxx). Desktop, portable/Mobility, all can use one of two drivers today - r300g or r600c (with r600g being worked on). However, Canonical has decided to use X+r600g - despite being quite aware that r600c is still eating Gallium's lunch on the newer hardware. In fact, r600c has, in typical desktop usage, tied, if not actually begun beating, FGLRX performance metrics - something I never expected to see. And Gallium is *ahead* of Wayland.