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Wayland's Eagle EGL Stack Gets Working DRI2

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  • Wayland's Eagle EGL Stack Gets Working DRI2

    Phoronix: Wayland's Eagle EGL Stack Gets Working DRI2

    It has been a while since last talking about Wayland, which is a new display server for Linux designed around newer X technologies like kernel mode-setting and the Graphics Execution Manager. Wayland is being developed as a side-project by Red Hat's Kristian Høgsberg...

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    Now as of this morning, the Eagle EGL stack has a working DRI2 back-end as of this commit.

    'as of' used twice in one sentence, doesn't flow right.

    Remove this comment when fixed.


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      I wonder if wayland's goal is to "compete" with xorg one day.


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        X11 has a lot of legacy code in it. They're trying to start over again.


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          I wonder, are they thinking of bringing OpenGL ES support to the desktop? That way be way cool.


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            I don't know if Wayland will ever become a completely viable alternative to but damnit, I hope so.


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              as far as i understand the whole thing (ie reading the FAQ) it can be a complete alternative to X as long as someone writes a remote rendering server for wayland

              Hoegsberg mentioned on his blog that he plans to port GTK on it and i dont know if someone works on porting QT


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                I don't get it. Will this intend to replace X11 at some point or is it just a hobby?


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                  It started as a hobby but now no one really knows where it's going. There's certainly interest in the concept but no one's making any finite plans for the project's future or application.


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                    A Qt port would be awesome! I'm guessing a Wayland system would use next to nothing for RAM.