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Rich Geldreich: A Bad Catalyst GL Driver Is Bad For Everyone

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    My personal annoyance with OpenGL is, that it is actually multiple APIs and not one. GL2-4 (ignoring GL1 here) code paths will differ from each other (if you care about performance). Don't even start with vendor specific extensions...

    Which leads to the other huge issue of varying implementation quality. It is unbelievable that it took Khronos so long to get mandatory conformance tests for their APIs.

    Regarding OpenGL being different from the other recent APIs, I guess they will fix this in a couple of years, by providing extensions for better dx12/mantle compatibility.


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      Sony PS3/PS4, Wii used OpenGL (variants).

      We have D3D for Windows/XBox and OpenGL for other. Need more money for GL driver quality and drop <GL3,4 deprecated API.


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        I read very pissed reactions when Khronos released the specs for Opengl 4.0. It moves to slow. So what do we do in opensource if something moves to slow? Yes the final nail in the coffin was some lisense shit, but XFree86 was critisised because of it getting better in a to slow rate.

        And after the fork they did not just fix the lisense but modulise it and make it faster better. I dont really see a opengl fork, maybe OpenCL we will see, but thats the problem, in Linux we fix stuff, so if there is a organisation like khronos that cares more about some special interests of some companies but the mass wants a good gaming api, at some point we have to fix it. And again its not just now a hype discussion, after the release of opengl 4.0 there was very much critics, they just make to less radical changes.

        At least thats what I get out of that comments. Again I am no expert but it seems other here also see opengl as a problem while actualy using it.


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          Originally posted by stalkerg View Post
          Sony PS3/PS4, Wii used OpenGL (variants).
          A commonly held misunderstanding, but a misunderstanding all the same.

          No, they don't.

          The PS3 offered PSGL, which was a GL ES and NVIDIA CG derivative, but nobody used it because the performance was horrible. PS3's native API, which everybody used instead, was LibGCM:

          The PS4 uses a low-level API called GNM and a high-level API called GNMX:

          The Wii uses it's own proprietary API called GX:

          I really wish people would stop this misinformation, because "OpenGL everywhere" isn't.