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Possible Features To Find In OpenGL 5.0

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    Originally posted by Marc Driftmeyer View Post
    Not a shot in hell having CUDA sprinkled in OpenGL. That's the job of CUDA competition, OpenCL.

    Almost everyone of these ideas are either current latest gen GPGPUs or future generation. Seems a waste or they won't produce OpenGL 5 for another 12 months to allow that next generation of hardware to arrive, prior to releasing OpenGL 5.
    You did not get the point at all. I'm talking of CUDA-style features in shaders which OpenCL does not have, like accessing data from PCIe-devices, better memory structures and pointer handling, better GPU threading and so on. We need a single language with this type of features, but vendor neutral of course.

    The Maxwell line of GPUs are bringing immense GPU capabilities which neither OpenGL 4.4 nor DirectX 12 will be utilizing. Some of these GPUs will even feature embedded ARM cores. With the Maxwell GPUs we are close to eliminating the CPU overhead all together by moving all the rendering control to the GPU. In essense you can pass a single call to the GPU requesting a frame, then the GPU will detect which objects to render, fetch data if necessary, occlude excess objects, calculate LoD and complete the rendering. This is the direction we need to go in order to achieve greater performance (for 4k).


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      Originally posted by efikkan View Post
      Some of these GPUs will even feature embedded ARM cores.
      Doesn't look like it. No mention of it was made at GTC which would have been the intended target audience.

      Apparently "Project Denver" now refers simply to the Tegra K1 SoC.


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        Originally posted by mark45 View Post
        Explain please. And links if possible.
        "shader bytecode" == precompiled shaders?
        "shaders directly" == shaders source code?
        Yes, that's what i mean. It has to be something standard that all GL5 implementations can read, though, so it's not compiled down to full binary instructions. D3D provides something similar, or it could be like TGSI intructions in gallium.


        Where i saw Valve requesting it was the Youtube videos from their Steam Developer days conference. A couple NVidia guys were up there, and 1 was in favor of doing it and the other was against it, and they both said the idea was under discussion.

        I think some devs want it just so there is less overhead from compiling shaders during their games. Others are more comfortable shipping shaders that way because it protects their IP better if you have to disassemble them to make sense of what the shader is doing.


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          Given how hard the current JS minifiers make understanding JS scripts, protecting the IP could well be done with a GLSL minifier. Yet I haven't seen a single one so far.


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            > DirectX 12.0 is also going to be optimizing the performance potential of Microsoft's 3D graphics API.

            That's because DX12 is almost a carbon copy of Mantle.


            If you read the press release for new DX12 changes from GDC just 2 weeks after that article, you'll see Charlie was right.


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              Originally posted by benjamin545 View Post

              that is generaly how phoronix artiicles work. no meaningful or insightful infromation in the article, mostly links to other peoples commentary about it. this one is unique because it doesnt have a ton of links to other phoronix articles. this one is also different as it doesnt have a stupid name for the title, something like "HURD gets some love", or the article is basicaly taking a non news event and blowing it out of porportion only to have another article come out in a few hours stating what everyone in the comments of the previos article explained. so if you want to use phoronix effectivly, just click link on main page for comments, that is where you will get the most meaningful information.
              I don't see why you're complaining unless you already know all of this stuff. You know, his posts aren't meant for just you. There are plenty of people (like myself) who simply don't know about this stuff and don't hear the conversation.