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DRIConf Is Still A Mess & Leaves A Lot To Be Desired

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    Originally posted by Hamish Wilson View Post
    It looks nice and is conveniently in the AUR, but it does not fully seem to probe my card properly:

    EDIT: It needs root privileges - but still can't see my temperature, which is strange since it uses lm_sensors.
    The clocks and volts data are in debugfs so it need to be mounted:
    mount -t debugfs none /sys/kernel/debug
    and for fstab:
    debugfs  /sys/kernel/debug  debugfs  defaults  0  0
    Yes, it use lm_sensors. Today I modified some code responsible for gathering temp info from sensors, so maybe now it will work.
    I can provide support only for Radeons (I have SI in PC and R730 in laptop).

    For the DRI, there is only these options?


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      Originally posted by curaga View Post
      It's all dynamic - the GUI generates the buttons by asking the driver what options it has. If you want to see the XML yourself, type "xdriinfo options 0", it even includes translations in a few languages.

      So technically it doesn't matter the code is from 2006.
      Oh, I have done that already, as I was curious and had a look at the code. I get the astonishing amount of 11 options here on my HD6870, except setting vblank none of them is useful (who the hell needs options like ""A post-processing filter to remove the blue channel").
      That seems to be far from exposing all available options.


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        Originally posted by marazmista View Post
        Yes, it use lm_sensors. Today I modified some code responsible for gathering temp info from sensors, so maybe now it will work.
        Cheers, it now works like a charm, with the right privileges.

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          This is an old topic but the question remains: Is driconf even actively developed?

          I was missing e.g. the functionality that was introduced here:

          where with dri3 offloading you can choose a binary name and set up on which gpu it should be rendered.

          Every time finding the ID_PATH_TAG of your GPU, and editing an XML file didn't look very convenient to me, so I made a small tool with pyqt.

          (It's not terribly good yet, so back up your ~/.drirc before using it, if you have any modifications there)

          But will driconf upstream getting something like this?


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            Driconf is one of the "nobody owns it, send patches and magic will happen" projects. If you want that to happen, send patches


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              But then I would have to learn how to use the old gtk2 python bindings...

              Though the xml implementation would probably be there and better than what I hacked together with ElementTree. Hm...


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                Wait, driconf is developed in a svn repository on sourceforge and the last commit still was in 2007? And the last release was still 2006?

                At least the configuration format is stable...