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The Current State Of OpenGL 3, OpenGL 4 In Mesa 9.2

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    Originally posted by elanthis View Post
    I am not personally expecting a new standard, but if one does appear, it could have: A better API (to the extent possible)? Maybe the DSA specification that NVIDIA and almost every graphics professional stuck with GL has been asking for? A modern replacement for display lists that works as expected and isn't deprecated? The usual round of fixes and promotions of optional experimental extensions to core where appropriate for today's hardware? GLSL syntax improvements? Maybe it will even leapfrog D3D for the first time in over a decade; doubtful, but who knows? OpenGL is not really all that Open and the community has no way to know what the cabal of specification editors are doing nor have any way to directly impact the next standard.

    Some other refinements to current API's, and variation's of them.

    More OpenCL/DX interop..

    " Maybe it will even leapfrog D3D for the first time in over a decade;"

    Dude read OpenGL 4.1 specs (and DX11 specs) and DX4.3 (and DX11.1 specs). DX is playing catch up right now. (Granted those are mostly small things)