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The Gallium3D Cell Driver Gets Dropped Too

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    Doing some looking at Groklaw, it seems that there might be some legal repercussions for "Phony"'s false advertisements about the Linux and general purpose computer functionality of their PAY Station 3 product.

    Sony says they warned in their EULAs and such that some functionality could be lost, and anyway, you can't accuse them of violating a warranty because the PS3s worked as advertised when they were purchased, and Sony's warranties only last one year. The plaintiffs argue that the only warning about losing functionality was related to services, and the update that removes OtherOS isn't a service, and customers didn't lose some functionality but all of OtherOS, a core functionality, or all gaming and viewing of movie DVDs, another side of core functionality, and people paid for both.
    Unfortunately they seem to have stumbled onto one of those judges that might be stupid or corrupt and taking bribes.

    The judge seemed to buy Sony's reasoning at the hearing, and I got the impression he was thinking of it as more like a company no longer supporting an antiquated browser or something, but he decided to give the plaintiffs another shot to persuade him otherwise.
    Either this judge is one of those ignorant old "internet is a series of tubes" farts, and should recuse himself, or he's been bribed by Sony and should be removed from the bench. Those are really the only two possibilities for him siding with Sony in light of such a perfect argument by the Plantiffs.
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        I dont know the exact case but from my understanding the METLDR key (the root key for the PS3 system) was cracked (due to mistakes made by Sony in the key generation) and the METLDR key can only be fixed with new hardware meaning that all PS3s with the broken METLDR key are permanently hackable.