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Gallium3D Post-Processing, MLAA Nearly Ready

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    The crash with pp_jimenezmlaa on my RV530 has been fixed with this commit:

    Quality however still looks similar to the original.


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      While Michel fixed the crash, it uncovered a different bug where PP used an old depth buffer. I posted patches for that, but they haven't been merged yet.

      Note, both of these (crash and depth buffer lapse) only affected the depth version. Since the color version doesn't work fully on r500 either, there's likely some bug in r300g. Shouldn't be in common code, since r600g, nouveau, softpipe, and llvmpipe all work.

      The evergreen loop bug might be fixed by a commit some days ago, I haven't had a chance to test yet.


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        That last patch fixed it so I now have AA output whereas before I hadn't. The performance impact is really big though. 80% framedrop in glxgears and 60% in games. Too big burden for my puny Cedar maybe?


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          Which patch, and which filter?


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            Using the jimenezmlaa_color filter. I guessed the depth buffer patch fix it but that had nothing to do with my problem. Turns out I only get the filter to work if mesa is compiled with --enable-shared-dricore and I didn't use that. The patch "Always build shared dricore" took care of that problem for me.