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  • Installation catalyst/Mesa

    Dear all,

    I want to ask a trivial question. Why do not we have a GUI tool which helps people(covering from the beginner to expert) to select different version of the videodriver to be installed. If I want to use the open source driver just click on it and it does it for me/if I want to go back to Catalyst it will just happen. It would be good if I can test different Catalyst drivers and Open source drivers and the whole system just remain stable.

    The code should check all dependency and fix all errors (as I heard) catalyst can cause?

    Why this cannot be done? Is it complex? We do not have anybody who can help coding it? It can not be done. etc

    I would appreciate if somebody can tell me truth. I am not an expert, so forgive me If I am asking basic things, however my goal is to make Linux more popular and If I see that I cannot do it I feel we are just not there to get Linux popular despite many people try to help.

    Thank you,

    Kind regards,

    Lajos Nagy


    • Originally posted by jsa1983 View Post
      Oibaf, thanks a lot for adding saucy support. I believe that for saucy the KDE 4.11 repository is not necessary as the kde-window-manager package lists libwayland-client0 as a dependency, rather than libwayland0, which was the case in the kubuntu-backports ppa (

      So I will try and report if the upgrade is easy.
      Yes, indeed the wayland split is already in saucy.


      • Furthermore, it would be good if there is an option which allows the installer to be participant in the test program which means all the required log files automatically would be sent to the developers for further review. (like the steam beta allows you to do it).

        Reading your tremendous quantity of comments to help people to fix problems enlighten to me, maybe this would be the best for you ( and other clever guys) to save time as you do not need request the log files you will just receive it and you can select what you need. Unfortunately I am not there yet to help in analyzing the errors.

        Think about it. If I can help somehow I will do so.

        Something else it is not clear to me. Many open source developers work to AMD directly. I expect if they work in the same office/same company how do they do not know how the catalyst works. Do they do not have access to different department codes?


        • I installed a mix of current saucy and raring mesa packages and everything is working fine. KDE too with no need for additional ppa's.


          • Just one question:

            As I stated in a previous post, I am rebuilding every mesa package update with llvm git so that I can get OpenGL 3.0. I see that it takes quite a long time (maybe 10 min for each of the two archs I am building -i386, amd64-, so about 20 min in total). I see the following debian/rules :

            ifneq (,$(filter parallel=%,$(DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS)))
            NUMJOBS = $(patsubst parallel=%,%,$(filter parallel=%,$(DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS)))
            MAKEFLAGS += -j$(NUMJOBS)

            I am no programmer but I think that specifies the number of compile jobs. Does that optimise the number of compile jobs? I am asking because I have a FX-8150 but watching the CPU load while compiling, it is not maxed out as I see many cores under 50%. I could just change the line before the endif to MAKEFLAGS += -j8, but I just wanted to know before messing with that option.


            • Any word on when Saucy gets the rest of Mesa/Xorg? So far it's only wayland and glamor.


              • I have few spare time for this sorry. I pushed saucy -ati package anyway now (notably include Xv support on glamor, not available in standard Ubuntu packages). I had to disable xmir because patch bitrot.

                If you want to sponsor saucy packages you can send me a paypal donation, the link is on the PPA.

                @jsa1983: yes, you can try -j8.


                • thank you for your wonderful work! works beautifully

                  A question though I want to try Radeon OpenCL, so I read that it requires mesa be compiled with "./ --with-dri-drivers="" --with-gallium-drivers=r600 --enable-opencl" flags. Does this ppa enable opencl??


                  • Originally posted by xgt001 View Post
                    thank you for your wonderful work! works beautifully

                    A question though I want to try Radeon OpenCL, so I read that it requires mesa be compiled with "./ --with-dri-drivers="" --with-gallium-drivers=r600 --enable-opencl" flags. Does this ppa enable opencl??
                    You can go to PPA, and read scripts with with .debs are made. ALL parameters passed to autogen/configure/make are there. And You will get that info faster


                    • There is no OpenCL currently and I don't plan it soon, unless someone sponsor it .