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Will Floating Point Textures Be Merged Into Mesa?

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    Originally posted by airlied View Post

    I could explain the basics of what a patent is, and how the problem is a hw/sw system so you can't just replace or avoid the patent, or even explain how those people who believe living in Europe protects from these sort of patents (not a sw patent, sw combined with hw).

    Please do (I'm not trying to be provocative).


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      Your confusing patents with copyrights. They are very different.

      Patents cover a method/concept/idea. What ends up happenning is that it is illegal for to do X with Y. If you do "X with Y" your violating the patent.

      Whether or not you know it's illegal is irrelevant. Whether or not you know it's patented is irrelevant. Whether or not you invented it on your own and just happen to accidentally do something that was patented it is irrelevant. Whether or not you copied the idea is irrrelevant.

      Patents give the patent holder a monopoly on anybody doing anything with "X with Y". If you do "X with Y" you are liable to get sued.

      The reason lawyers tell you to discuss things in private is because if you say the wrong thing then it can totally fuck you. If you use the wrong phrase or reveil you know something you shouldn't know or anything like that... even accidentally... even if that is not what you really meant, but it sounds like it could be... it can still fuck you.

      IP is not fair, it's not to prevent people from 'stealing ideas'. It abritrary and extremely complicated and unfair..


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        That reminds me of somebody I met who was in the process of getting a patent accepted. Basically I only got to know that it had to do with ways of evacuating people from buildings...and nothing else. This person and his colleagues were extremely wary of saying anything that could remotely put them in a bad position with regards to their application. Months later somebody came to give a talk about IP and patents and reiterated the same idea: do really shut your mouth up.