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    Originally posted by elanthis View Post
    You claimed to have read the Wikipedia article, which I thikn in its first line or two explains exactly what "blit" means in computer terms. It's simply a copy of memory. The mailing list posts on the gallium blitter also make its uses very clear. In the time it takes you to have posted silly questions, you could have just read the material and figured it out already.
    I've read the Wikipedia article, yes. I then tried to explain to someone else what blitting was all about. I was cautious and I was proven wrong.

    That means that I did try to understand it by looking for the explenation myself first. But then, appearently, I didn't understand it so I asked.

    I have read mailing lists before and when it comes to an architecture that I barely understand, half a year after I was aware of the project, you can't expect me to start to read it and actually understand it.

    I'm sorry but I used Google before asking stupid questions