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Mesa 7.6 Gets Pulled Into Ubuntu 9.10

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    Originally posted by val-gaav View Post
    Well AFAIK kubuntu users are blessed with apport since karmic, so this tool is quite fresh to me ...

    and apport doesn't seem to catch this crash
    Nope, apport-collect is not about catching any crash, it's about collecting and submitting all the relevant information developers might want to look at (configuration files, hardware info, etc) and tend to simplify the job of the developer (less back and forth asking one thing after another. Thus it can be run afterwards, without needing to reproduce the crash. It does the job ubuntu-bug does when reporting a bug.


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      Fedora note

      Fedora 12 has had Mesa 7.6 in its repositories since June 12. There is a mesa-dri-drivers-experimental package in the repositories which adds the r600 DRI driver. On my Radeon HD 4770 test system, the latest Rawhide build can manage at least glxgears, compiz and neverball, and partially gnome-shell. haven't tested anything more complex yet.


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        Originally posted by AdamW View Post
        Fedora 12 has had Mesa 7.6 in its repositories since June 12.
        Great, mesa 7.6 was released only 11 days ago
        Actually, Ubuntu Karmic has had a snapshot of mesa master from before 7.6 was branched all this time, the news is just that this snapshot has been updated to the real release.


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          ah, thanks for the info. Only makes Phoronix's story even more random, of course.

          Looks like the current Fedora package is based on a git snap from September 21, so just shortly before the final release.


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            +1, please benchmark the final release of the radeon rewrite on r300-r500.