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Patents May Cause Issues For OpenGL 3 In Mesa

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    Go Red Hat! Hopefully, the many examples of stifled innovation will see some kind of reforms pushed through..


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      Originally posted by drag View Post
      You guys are delusional.

      No company wants to go up and fight software patents all the way to the supreme court.

      Why? Becuase there is a decent chance that the supreme court will upheld the software patent and we would be stuck with it for centuries!!
      LOL... see the last poster's link... such epic timing.

      And that statement is completely false. See the LWN comments:


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        Originally posted by Svartalf View Post
        The thing that concerns me is that we're getting told that a data structure (that's all a render target is within the API) is covered by patent(s).
        Totally agree.

        Even if you're a friend of software patents, what is there to patent about floating-point framebuffers? Floating-point is well known, framebuffers, are well-known, all you're doing is exchanging one type for another. There is simply no invention there and there should therefore not be a valid patent.


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          Originally posted by Yfrwlf View Post
          Laws are created by citizens and with enough force common sense can eventually get pushed through. It's not like the Supreme Court are a bunch of gods or something.
          They pretty much are unless the majority of the population are holding them at a gunpoint as part of a revolution.


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            Originally posted by Yfrwlf View Post
            Laws are created by citizens and with enough force common sense can eventually get pushed through.
            In theory this is correct, the reality is that the current situation with patents in the US didn't go through Congress and was not created by citizens or the courts.

            The situation was created by the Patent Office issuing of a broad statement that allowed for everything short of a human being to be patented after a lengthy legal battle over the patentability of lab mice used in cancer research.

            btw - the FSF is an ineffectual lobbying agent, you will get better results by contacting your elected officials directly about reforming _all_ of patent law than allowing a minor non-profit to speak for you on the sole basis of software patents.


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              Originally posted by MostAwesomeDude View Post
              S3 holds the S3TC patents. You already boycott them just by not knowing about their products. Microsoft has the ability to sub-license S3TC with their DXTC technology; you cannot avoid this fee, as it is included in the cost of every video card you have ever purchased.

              SGI holds floating-point texture and framebuffer patents. Like S3, you don't actually buy anything they make.

              If you're feeling proactive, you could attempt to boycott Sorenson, holder of h.264, by refusing to buy anything with h.264 abilities, or Apple, with whom they are deeply linked. Again, this ability is in most discrete video cards, so a boycott will not work.
              I senses a pattern! Let's just boycott every company beginning with the letter S. That'll teach them!