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Open Letter For Open Drivers To NVIDIA

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    Originally posted by Svartalf View Post
    Hate to burst your bubble, deanjo... It's not a "warm fuzzy FOSS feeling" they're going to need to worry about. Being able to have someone audit the drivers as well as the the REST of the OS is going to be VERY important in about 6-12 months from now. AMD's stuff, if it's there will make the cut. NVidia's WON'T for that reason alone.

    And, if you think that it won't become an issue, just wait and see.
    I very much doubt that it will be any issue until a competitor can match Nvidia's offerings. Much like Maya doesn't have to worry about Blender yet and Photoshop still can ignore Gimp and Final Cut Pro has nothing to worry about from it's open source competitors.