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Nouveau Fermi Performance On Ubuntu 13.10

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    Originally posted by blackout23 View Post
    If you are using the AMD/NVIDIA blobs Ubuntu 13.10 will recognize that it has to fall back to pure X11. That's the plan. So unless you install nouveau for your nvidia card you won't be using X on XMir. The only persons who are forced to beta test the XMir hack are the Intel users. They don't have drivers that aren't compatible with Mir so it will always use it even when just regular X11 would be less buggy and faster.

    From the last video I saw (Mir Dev Hangout) they said they expect AMD/NVIDIA to have compatible drivers by the time 14.04 ships where they want to have at least the Unity Shell native on Mir. Everything else will still run on XMir. I think that's still a bit unrealistic. AMD can't even keep up with X.Org and now they want them to implement changes to support their graphic stack that isn't even upstreamed.
    the only way i see to get Mir to Work on Nvidia or Amd OpenSource Drivers is to do the coding for them they dont pay me, they have paid developer's working on this Mir thing and it's all in house and saying it's going to be ready by Ubuntu 3.10? is a joke if it run's at all outside intel Driver's