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A Massive Nouveau Code Push Happened Today

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    Originally posted by darkbasic View Post
    Nouveau isn't an option for me (too much unstable), I was just wondering why nvidia gets more efforts from the community...
    i think its only the VLIW vs the RISC+SIMD problem.
    amd fix this with the hd7970-7750 cards
    maybe Linux Gurus are more familiar with risc+SIMD than VLIW.
    if you start assembler coding on x86_64+SIMD(SSE/AVX) then its easier for you to do "Nvidia" graphic drivers instead of "AMD-VLIW" graphic drivers.

    maybe i'm wrong but right now i do not have a better idea


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      Originally posted by darkbasic View Post
      That's what I mean with "the community seems more involved in nvidia reverse engineering than radeon"
      Well there is non-community for nvidia, since it makes no sense.

      From RH POV I'd say we put nearly the same manpower into both, its just that Ben is 100% focused on nvidia and can pull off some major feats of engineering, but for AMD myself and Jerome have a lot of other tasks to keep up with.

      Also the thing is when you have access to developers with docs, you are more inclined to ask questions and wait rather than spend a lot of time with RE tools. Its kinda wierd, but the more RE you do the better at RE you get and the better the tools get. Since for AMD we don't do that much RE, when we do have to do some it takes an awful lot more effort. For instance I couldn't look at x86 asm now without spending a few hours getting back up to speed on it.



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        Originally posted by asdx
        Amazing, kudos to the devs.

        When is this going to be available for testing? Linux 3.4?
        This is not the kernel parts of Nouveau. It's about libdrm, Mesa (Gallium) 8.1, and the part (xf86-video-nouveau). Also the merge window for the 3.4 kernel is already closed as we've already seen 3.4-rc releases.


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          So if this going to improve video performance/CPU load?
          Every time I try nouveau on Nvidia ION the performance is so bad that I go back to the closed Nvidia drivers (which always break after a while.)