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A Nouveau 3D Driver That Works For Old NVIDIA Hardware

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    Aaah, since we've got a Nouveau developer here... I thought the Mesa driver supported NV2x through NV1x compatibility mode, what's up with that?

    And now it shows how much a TiNDC is required.


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      Originally posted by mitch074 View Post
      NV20 covers the Geforce2 and Geforce4MX card families
      I think the Geforce 2 MX is NV11.


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        Originally posted by Adarion View Post
        I think the Geforce 2 MX is NV11.
        Like I said in another post, I mixed up family names, so here it is in full glory:

        - NV10 is the original Geforce256 model
        - NV11 is the Geforce2 MX, a die shrink of Gf256
        - NV15 is the Geforce2 (and Ti), which enabled all 'hidden' features present in Gf256.
        - NV17 to NV19 cover Geforce4MX, nForce2 and Go cores: same feature set as before, but a vastly superior memory controller made the chip much more powerful, as the NV1x architecture had, up until then, been extremely bandwidth constrained.

        - NV20 is the Geforce3: it had pretty much the same bandwidth limitations as NV1x up to NV15, but it had shaders capabilities.
        - NV25 is the Geforce4 Ti: more capable and less memory constrained than the Gf3, it was vastly superior.
        - NV28 is the Geforce4 Ti for AGP 3.0/8X: nothing new aside from that.

        I fondly remember my Ti 4200/8X: I kept this card for years, and my brother made extensive use of it when he managed to fry his Radeon 9500.

        The Nouveau Mesa driver will support these fixed functions cards, although I really thought that NV2x support was obtained through the integrated NV1x backward compatibility mode. Maybe that has changed.


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          And the Nouveau 3D driver is now in Fedora 13


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            the shit has been merged to mesa-master