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    Originally posted by reavertm View Post
    Check whether you have the latest (git) x11-proto packages and mesa from git installed.
    I have a problem with building xorg-server from git as well, but the problem is with osdep.h header (OPEN_MAX macrodefinition - it needs manual tweak to compile).
    Besides maybe this forum is not the best place to discuss problems with Gentoo ebuilds.
    Yeah I've got both of thos packages installed from git... I'm not saying that it's not gentoo's fault, but I highly doubt it... And this is a forum where many of the people who work on these projects gather and discuss these topics.. I mean if this isnt the place to ask for help,. then where is?

    EDIT: I've created a thread on the gentoo forums. (I'm gonna hold off on creating a bug just yet) So please feel free to post either here or there any suggestions you may have.
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