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HowTo test newest radeon/radeonhd/mesa from a live CD

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    I gave the whole stack an update: There's now xserver from the 1.5 branch (with all updates including 1.5.1 and the EXA speed fixes), mesa from the 7.2 branch (a bit beyond 7.1), libdrm from git master (2.4 pre), and finally radeon and radeonhd drivers from git master.

    I tried it out on my X1300 and wow this is running visibly smoother compared to some weeks ago! Don't forget to use EXA and "AllowEmptyInput false", and to recompile your kernel modules if you install it permanently.
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      now using module-assistant for kernel modules

      We now use the drm-snapshot source package for libdrm and drm kernel modules. This means no more the hacky easy-drm-installer script but rather the standard module-assistant infrastructure to rebuild and install kernel modules.

      The xorg-edgers-live-test script has been updated, and should work on both Ubuntu 8.04 and 8.10 live CDs.

      You cracks should all be running Intrepid or Jaunty by now, but if you want to upgrade in Hardy, you need to install the drm-modules-source package from the PPA, and run "sudo module-assistant auto-install drm-modules" (rerun after every kernel update).
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        The current drm-modules-source does not build against the new 2.6.28-2-generic kernel in Jaunty, due to some incompatibilities in the nv50 kernel-mode-setting code. If you're only interested in radeon anyway, you can specify only radeon modules to be compiled, and save compile time also:
        sudo env DRM_MODULES="radeon" module-assistant -t auto-install drm-modules
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          r6xx-r7xx-support for Jaunty

          The Jaunty drm-modules-source now includes the r6xx-r7xx-support branch of upstream drm, and will enable EXA and DRI on a bunch of new cards. Success has been reported for RS600 cards.


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            Why don't you use dkms?


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              Originally posted by Kano View Post
              Why don't you use dkms?
              I think we now have discussed this on IRC Because I use the Debian packaging as closely as possible, and it has module-assistant support. If you provide dkms support in the Debian drm-snapshot package, I will sure use it...