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Marek Patches A "Mega Radeon" Driver

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    Originally posted by jakubo View Post
    as i am sure there are many things that can be spared with much greater effect insted, please dont take it for granted that everyone has access to those kkinds of media. While its true on the one hand that we here can afford it there are people that cannot. (probably 40% of worlds population)

    and once downloaded 1MB might not be the the dealbreaker. but the downloadtraffic that might come up will multiply on every user and every update downloaded from the server. So considering you dont have a very good broadband connection, and many areas in germany still dont have, and wont have for some time due to economical calculations, minimizing space and traffic should have a high prioroty for distros.
    therefore either you build your system on your own with only the necessary stuff or you merge as much code as you can that is otherwise redundant.

    And i must say that especially Ubuntu who have said their goal was to get a free OS to everyone has failed there a little. Especially with all that spyware stuff (speaking of space and ressources issues)
    Can anyone please for instance tell me what zeitgeist is for? and why it is so damn huge?
    Zeitgeist is an event registering framework. Apps can opt in to it and it will register certain events which can then be acted upon. It's pretty powerful, but isn't seeing as much use as I'd like.


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      Originally posted by Luke View Post
      Being of part Native American heritage I second Mareks' choice to avoid alcohol. I do NOT advocate cops and jails harassing people for drinking, I just don't drink.
      Don't worry, I'm not going to force anyone to drink alcohol. I can only blame my mediocre English if it looked otherwise.


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        Originally posted by YoungManKlaus View Post
        good work
        though it makes me wonder why all that seemingly shared code is not in a shared / dynamically linked library in the first place...
        That's because that smells like something libv did ages ago. And also, canonical started actually shipping this a few years ago. Shared libraries are the work of the devil!
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          Originally posted by dogsleg View Post
          Here (and in linked presentation) -- -- one can read more about how mega-driver is security-related.
          I love the security argument. It's not really related or even relevant. Less symbols is just more obscurity. The fact that many of the symbols are stupidly named and not suited for public consumption means that people need to go fix the symbol naming... But security is a good argument, as it is not something anyone can truly fight against, you cannot publicly claim to be against "more security".

          But having scrolled through the slides now, i cannot find a mention of anything security related, must be a figment of this forums imagination. And a rather poor one at that.
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            People still complain about size constraints? Are we talking about Puppy? Cause I didn't get the Ubuntu maintainer's decision to not include VCE and UVD code in 14.04 over size constraints. The .iso is already over 700Mb, once you pass 700Mb your next target size is 4Gb, because that will easily fit on either a single layer DVD or on a cheapo 4Gb USB stick.

            As to the Mega driver, if it can get more new features included in distros sooner then that is a huge gain over having to wait 9 months for new code to get into your 6 month distro of choice without having to go bleeding edge for everything.