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AMD "RadeonSI" Team Fortress 2 Is Now 75% Faster

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    i've just used my brain and patch no.10 works for now (the problem was " at " instead "@" in email address) like i said i'm nob


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      Does this change the FPS of other games too? Some benchmarks would be nice.


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        I'd Love to See Open Source Drivers Up to Date with Current Hardware

        If the development efforts towards the open source drivers really are going to speed up (that's one interpretation of recent comments about Linux drivers by AMD), then perhaps I would consider AMD for my next desktop graphics card (like the one I'm currently using but am not too thrilled with the driver situation). A laptop is a more likely next purchase for me however (as my current one is four years old), and I am leaning away from AMD graphics on that for the moment. I'm in no hurry to make a purchase, though, since my four year old laptop runs so well now with the open source AMD drivers (it's a mobile 4850).

        The upside of a new laptop would be an IPS screen with the possibility of being thin, light, and powerful with good battery life (my old one was powerful (Core 2 Quad), but battery life is so-so at best, and thin and light it is not). The downside is a departure from the 16:10 screen ratio (I like 16:10 and 3:2, not so much the old 4:3 or the newer 16:9), probably a smaller screen (17 inch is not the most portable but can be nice), and the possibility that the hardware/software combination will not be as stable as what I have now.