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How to get dpm, accel, sb back end, working on Ubu 13.04 (ppa preferably..)

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  • How to get dpm, accel, sb back end, working on Ubu 13.04 (ppa preferably..)

    How to easily test all those new changes in r600g? (video acceleration, dpm, sb, etc.)

    On Ubu 13.04, perferably with just ppa's (installing from source is not fun )?

    And if there are no such ready. Then could someone provide me with list of things I must remember when configuring at compile time to get all those bells working?

    (I have 5730m)
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    I will partially replay to myself:

    SB backend seam to be merged, and can be turned on by R600_DEBUG=sb. (Require Mesa 9.2, LLVM back end if I want it also)

    DPM require kernel 3.11 or higher + updated firmware for gpus.

    UVD require kernel 3.10, vdpau, firmware, and mesa compilation config.

    (Will remove fglrx now, and test if its clean removal)


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      Here is some nice how to, about removing fglrx, that works just fine:

      (Now, daily ubuntu kernel for 3.11)
      (Since articles at phoronix use Ubu 13.10 as base, I will upgrade to 13.10 too)
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        Ubu 13.10, with kernel 3.10, Mesa 9.1, and no vdpau, no dpm, and I have no idea how to check if SB back end is enabled (last resort solution would be to get PTS just to check if sb works ).

        (Now time to update to 3.11 kernel since I will need it anyway)
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          3.11 rc2 installed from ubuntu mainland kernel "ppa"...

          And radeon acceleration is disabled, falback to llvm. (Which works , fast enough for normal work, like editing this message)
          dmesg indicate that I have some missing firmware.

          (That may be DPM firmware so I will install it from here next)
          PS Firmware should land in /lib/firmware/radeon ..
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            With firmware, I have r600g working again.

            DPM should be easiest to set (and check if it works):
            I just add radeon.dpm=1 to grub linux line.
            And veryfied with cat /sys/class/drm/card0/device/power_method.

            And here are some info about sysfs entires for setting/reading dpm state.

            (Now Mesa 9.2 and SB back end, courtesy of xorg-edgers if they support SB back end..)
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              DPM, and SB work as designed. (And second one also fixes bug in rendering of water in CKII on Steam )

              Would be good to know how can I enable SB permanently.

              Anyway now VDPAU.

              Sadly, xorg-edgers crew do not enable VDPAU compilation config for Mesa. That force me to compile from source, probably...

              So, ppa-purge...
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                oibaf ppa has libvdpau_r600


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                  VDPAU requires Mesa 9.2 besides compilation options right???


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                    Originally posted by 89c51 View Post
                    VDPAU requires Mesa 9.2 besides compilation options right???
                    Yes. VDPAU back end (that can be compiled by turning that compilation option), is present in Mesa 9.2 or newer.

                    oibaf ppa has libvdpau_r600
                    But he do not have packages for SAUCY ubuntu. Will try PRECISE packages.. (Or if anyone know how to extract specification for given package from ppa?? than I would cook up my own packages for saucy). If that not work, than I will compile Mesa by hand.

                    (Right now I'm checking if World of Tanks works better. Few days ago on Ubu13.04 + flgrx I had 3-5 fps -> 10% of what Win7 is capable of...)
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                      Ok. WoT works 15-30 fps. Hard to tell if SB present any advantage here. (Though I tested it only on Low preset settings, and that may not stress GPU, enough...)