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AMD Releases Open-Source UVD Video Support

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    Great news from AMD in last one year. Would somebody please make a wild guess "when users (popular Fedora, Ubuntu, OpenSuse) wil be enjoying UVD1/2/3 on their desktops"? I'm too excited.


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      Now I'm SO happy I ordered a HD7850 last week!

      Michael: when are you going to benchmark the SHIT out of this new bad boy? :P


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        Xorg Wiki Radeon Feature Matrix

        Update: The code just arrived! There's also the Mesa patches!
        So who is going to update the Xorg wiki RadeonFeature page?

        The Feature Matrix for Free Radeon Drivers currently still says that the feature "Video Decode (XvMC/VDPAU/VA-API) on UVD" is red "ToDo" status. Surely it is "WIP" now


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          I wonder when those blobs will be liberated

          Surely (once UVD1 is released) for old UVD1 and end of life products it can be liberated easily!
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            Originally posted by hal2k1 View Post

            So who is going to update the Xorg wiki RadeonFeature page?

            The Feature Matrix for Free Radeon Drivers currently still says that the feature "Video Decode (XvMC/VDPAU/VA-API) on UVD" is red "ToDo" status. Surely it is "WIP" now
            Thx for the reminder, changing the page right now. Edit: Ok not changing this, cause I can't remember my password for it (and the register server seems to be down).

            RS780 and RS880 are both UVD2, but very early implementations (some features missing, allot of hardware bugs that needs workarounds, etc...), I have an RS880 based laptop and I'm still working on supporting those (I already have the firmware is booting, but the have a crepy problem with the memory controller I can't seem to fix).

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              Originally posted by calim View Post
              This should read "AMD Releases UVD Support For (Partially) Open Source Driver" instead, since likely 90% (the exciting part; if it's anything like on NV) of the UVD code is pre-compiled in the blob firmware ...
              (the percentage may be open for debate)
              Firmware is only something that communicates with the hardware, states what it can do, etc. Noone is hurt if it's closed source.

              Also, nouveau doesn't need firmware for some cards.


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                I can't believe it. I'm crying.


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                  Some questions:
                  - can subtitles be used with the video accel? What about ASS subtitles, in addition to normal ones?
                  - is the new firmware compatible with old DRM? Ie, can the uvd-supporting firmware be shipped without any regression when run on older kernel+mesa?
                  - it appears that on Windows, using UVD forces a certain core clock*. Does this limitation also apply on linux?



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                    This is going to be in mesa 9.2 or we are going to get it as an update to 9.1.x??

                    Thanks to all at AMD, twriter and the team especially. And to bridgman that gets all the complains.


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                      Is the support for UVD1 also in progress?


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                        Sorry for this German outbreak of Yeeeeah! This is something I have waited for so long. It actually so rescued my day! The whole week! Even more!
                        And thanks also for using VDPAU. There is just much more support for it.

                        Hope that the old UVD 1 will also see some love.

                        I am so happy that I do not drink alcohol at all, otherwise I'd probably kill me with sparkling wine today!


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                          Terrific news!

                          I'd like to thank everybody involved in this project! Very well done ladies and gents!


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                            This leaves me wondering why the hell Intel still sticks to VA-API. NIH?

                            Software support always has been better for VDPAU.


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                              Originally posted by Ansla View Post
                              Is the support for UVD1 also in progress?
                              Not likely. Those cards are End-Of-Life and I'm pretty sure they have dropped support for those cards on both Windows and Linux at this point.


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                                Great news!

                                Thank you AMD! This is indeed great!

                                There is only one big item for the Open source driver: Proper power management! Once it lands, we will only need performance optimisations, bug fixes, and new hardware support. I believe that the time when we will no longer need a binary driver for AMD gpus/apus is not far at all...

                                Since i own a HD3870, will you add support for UVD/UVD+ too? I know it is old, but it would be nice. I will probably not use it anyway, because software decoding is better quality wise and i have a quad core, but it would be useful for those with laptops and lesser hardware...

                                Anyway, thanks again for this support!