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AMD Radeon Performance Preview On Linux 3.8

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    Radeon driver benchmarks are useless; everyone KNOWS that they are gaining ground against fglrx.

    Where are the latest RadeonSI benchmarks? Performance so bad that nobody wants to talk about it and thus conveniently pretend that they don't exist?


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      Video Playback

      I want to preface this by saying I love the site and I appreciate the work you guys do.

      But in my biased opinion, all of these graphics benchmarks would be far more valuable if you could include video playback benchmarks. Specifically, I would be very interested to see CPU utilization while playing high definition video.

      This is by far the most interesting metric for me. It is also an area where I have seen the greatest inconsistency across drivers, kernels, and video players.

      4 years ago, I had my 5050e with an on board radeon 3000 playing high def flawlessly at about 75% cpu usage. Today I am struggling to get my C2D 6850 with my radeon 6850 to play high def smoothly.

      Along these lines, I would be curious to know people opinion on the best video player/driver to use to achieve GPU offload on an AMD graphics card.


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        What are the real benefits ofr HD3850 AGP videocards having opnegl 2.0? I think that legacy hardware will be penalized by this new kernel and new open drivers. Inthe first bench appear that 3.7 kernel offers better performace about hd4770 how is it possible?