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Radeon On Linux 3.8: Minor For Now, New Code Coming

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    Actually I'm already using the first trick, it works - I'm losing 1 or 2 degrees.
    I still think it's quite hot.

    dynpm didn't work for me either.


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      There is a nice Gnome Shell extension to make switching power profiles easier:


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        Originally posted by manmath View Post
        Absolutely right! Agree 100%. But a stable abi from Linux and a sizeable desktop penetration is just a pipe dream. Intel knows it yet releases better drivers.
        Yes and I will maybe if they have a cheap Intel prozessor with a vaapi enabled chipset availible when I buy a new computer switch to them from nearly only amd systems in my live... because they have this feature...

        BUT, whats that shit about stable abi, what does that have to do with anything, Intel and AMD have zero problems with a always improving abi with their free drivers only this proprietary instable garbage drivers seems to need them... because the developermodell is weak so they are slower to react...

        So maybe you are right, maybe most users dont care if a driver is free or not... but they care if their driver always break... so it will not happen if you flamewar 1000 forums around the clock for 1000 years the linux abi will stay "unstable" if you will call it that way... so because of that, users indirectly will need free drivers... so yes users care if not because they understand or not if they get good and therefor free drivers.

        I would not even care if nvidia card users would see on the linux-boot screen a message you bought a hardware from a company that wants to enslave you, linux doesnt support such modells so buy another card or you cant use linux.


        Or at least a kind of message that you have to press enter at the first boot or so... or in the installation, that says something like you will not have a good user experince because nvidia does not support free drivers... so I dont have to hear again somewhere linux is so bad because linux has bad drivers. No linux-beginner cares about fps in a shooter they have windows for gaming anyway at least till now and in the mid future maybe in long-term that changes with steam... but till now they have problems with the unstable nvidia-rootkit...
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          Originally posted by Deathsimple View Post
          Yes, that's exactly what it means. But we still need to add the matching support on the alsa side.
          That's awesome! I can't wait for HD audio support. Any idea where someone could watch for progress on this front?


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            AMD starts pushing stuff for the "real" 8000 series.


            For now it's mainly the PCI IDs for the OLAND family, but it seems they are preparing for more.