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OpenGL 3.0 Now Handled For All Of R600 Gallium3D

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    Originally posted by dogsleg View Post
    Hey dogsleg,
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      Originally posted by bridgman View Post
      Yeah, we discussed various naming options, but the bottom line was that when a new driver component is started we know the name of the first generation it will support but rarely know the name of the last generation... so r600g (src/gallium/drivers/r600 IIRC) covers r6xx through NI and radeonsi covers SI through <who knows ?>...
      Wouldn't radeongcn have been a better name then radeonsi?


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        Originally posted by Ansla View Post
        Wouldn't radeongcn have been a better name then radeonsi?
        The problem is that we don't know what comes after GCN and whether it will also fit into the same driver. We kinda had two choices :

        - stay with the current naming convention based on "first supported generation"
        - rename existing drivers as well and go with architecture-based names

        Agree that the transitional product naming (where high end SI parts are GCN and lower parts are VLIW) makes the current naming convention awkward for now.