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RADEON GPU accel not working Debian 6.0.1

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    Sorry for the delay in the update..........

    The problem was an incorrect directory structure in /lib/firmware, the radeon directory not being there, works great now. A couple of points might be worth mentioning, first this is definitely a problem I have had before and I simply forgot the remedy, one has done so much expirmenting over the years. The second point is the reason for the incorrect structure is I have not got an internet connection capable of installing any version of Linux, being still on dialup, this makes the installation particularly of an updated version of Debian difficult.

    The test machine is working well, I will give it a little more work and I will consider upgrading my main machines to Debian testing, one of them anyway.

    Thanks everyone for your help its been much apreciated,
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      Since I have got the GPU accelration working the display has been locking up very regularly. The cursor is still active but nothing can draw into the display and the keyboard does not work. One can ssh into the machine and reboot it no problems. A search on the net shows this is a known problem and it seems the kernel is the villian of the piece. With any kind of luck 3.4 will fix the problem. At least one work around was given (kernel command line that disabled a number of things) I have not treid it though. At this stage just set up an xorg.conf that uses fbdev, as this is a test machine this is a non issue.