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AMD Driver Support State For Radeon HD 7000 Series, Trinity

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    Originally posted by smitty3268 View Post
    No, you can't. New AMD hardware is only supported in the gallium drivers, which requires KMS, which isn't supported by FreeBSD. Actually, I'm not sure if you can even use new Intel hardware, either, but that would definitely be closer to being supported than AMD.

    I just discovered this

    PC-BSD 9-STABLE testing snapshot which includes the new DRM/GEM/KMS work is now available to testers.

    I might be in luck it seems their are gallium patches out and they are trying to get KMS into FreeBSD 9.1

    any how thanks again at least now I know what to keep track off

    I can live with out 3d support for now ( as long as XBMC fires up, it didn't like un accelerated Xnest )


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      Originally posted by MasterCATZ View Post
      That is a real shame

      AMD used to be the better of them for Running FreeBSD ( first to 64bit ect )
      All current open source graphics drivers (amd, intel, and nouveau) require KMS for the latest chips, so you are in the same boat no matter which chip your system has. The source code is available and licensed appropriately so it can ported to FreeBSD or any other OS you might want to use.