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AMD's Hiring Another Open-Source Driver Developer

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  • Even if AMD was willing to distribute a private Mesa version, I'm not sure it would be much help.

    I have to think they would insist on doing a thorough code review of anything they put their name on, because I assume that at that point they could then be sued by anyone they hadn't properly licensed IP from. And given how slow they are to review their own internal code for drivers, it would probably be a matter of decades before they would be able to review all of Mesa.

    Still, if they made it a priority it could probably happen.


    • I think things are already getting better:

      In the future repealing software patents and what not will hopefully be much easier. Maybe open source/free software legal advocates can begin suing to have patents invalidated. If what I'm hearing is true and I understand correctly, then maybe some of the OpenGL specs might be a good place to start.


      • Originally posted by marek View Post
        I don't think there is any contract. ATI were sued by SGI for infringing on the FP patent. The court ruled that ATI did not infringe most of the patent claims, and SGI dismissed the rest. ATI wanted to invalidate the patent afterwards but they did not succeed. Even though it was a draw for both sides, it puts ATI in a not-so-bad position.

        Here's more info:

        So from the information above, it looks like AMD/ATI has the rights to distribute software that *may be related* to the FP patent, implied by the court ruling. They already distribute their proprietary drivers, which implement FP rendering, and open source drivers implementing the same functionality would be no different.

        Just FYI, there is the 'floating2' branch in my private repository on FDO that implements FP rendering in both core Mesa and r300g (the core Mesa work was mostly done by Luca Barbieri). It's a work-in-progress but there is very little to do to make it really complete. I am just waiting on a mark to merge it to master.
        i'm not unterstand the article sorry why is amd not in an bad position? and why amd do not pay for that fp patent ?