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AMD Already Has Open-Source Fusion Drivers

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  • AMD Already Has Open-Source Fusion Drivers

    Phoronix: AMD Already Has Open-Source Fusion Drivers

    There's good news for those of you wanting to quickly go out and pickup an AMD Fusion system as soon as it's available: there's already open-source drivers for Fusion...

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    The word "probably" in "probably unlikely" is redundant.


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      I also have to say that it is absolutely amazing how much you can elaborate on things when you see one vague sentence like that one... people obviously have gotta be real careful about what they say around you


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        Yeah there's also folks with phd in all types of dialectics so watch out for them, but if seriously, it's impossible to write something that would please anyone, there must be someone that will at least pick on you because of a frigging typo.


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          The Fusion parts use GPU cores derived from Evergreen, so the changes required to support Fusion graphics are mostly related to "the bits around the edges". There are still a lot of changes though, albeit mostly small ones.

          Alex sent the rebased patches out for review yesterday, so it's not surprising that they are "under review" today


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            I have been waiting for AMD Fusion for a long time so this is awesome.


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              This is great news! I'm glad AMD is finally approaching their goal of same-day driver support.

              The Fusion parts use GPU cores derived from Evergreen
              This is indeed interesting. I was actually wondering whether the Fusion GPU was derived from Evergreen or a new design.

              Any comment on whether the DRM/decode entanglement has been solved?

              I suppose with something as efficient as this, though, it wouldn't be that much of a penalty to do decode on the GPU's general-purpose execution units.


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                I am so going to gift myself a new AMD CPU this xmas (gift myself and honor AMD). I wanted to wait with the switch from my 4850e (Athlon 64 x2) to the fusion type Bobcat/Bulldozer but inbetween I guess I'll have myself a socket AM2+ compatible AMD Athlon II x3 or the corresponding Phenom version. It might be affordable for my (sadly low) budget and a good intermediate solution til the Fusion arrives for that I'll probably better have an AM3+ board as well. Which also means new RAM.

                But good to hear that day 0 support will be possible here that makes modern tech much better to adopt. Oh and with Bobcat we might see a real alternative in the close to embedded small devices market. I already imagine something like a new openmoko with working documented hardware and stuff... *sigh* *dreams on*


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                  My next buy will be a Fusion netbook.


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                    Does anyone know the release date of Fusion hardware? January, or will they have something out this year?

                    Hopefully this code doesn't get stuck too long in review. From past experience, it seems like it could easily take 6 months. Maybe less than that since it's based so heavily on Evergreen which is already working.


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                      We already did a full review a few weeks ago. This review is just confirming that the issues we found in the previous review have been addressed, and also looking at any new code added since then (eg there may be some NI bits in the patch set as well).

                      I expect the code will be out for a month or two before the first hardware ships. If Ontario were a discrete GPU they would already be in the stores, but since it's going into laptop-type products the lead time from silicon shipments to product shipments is a lot longer. I believe the first products are supposed to ship in January.


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                        Great news!


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                          I'm so going to buy a Fusion netbook! E17 saved my old one, but I need to dual boot Windows again for school (Maple software) and the battery is dead

                          Originally posted by cl333r View Post
                          Yeah there's also folks with phd in all types of dialectics so watch out for them,[..]
                          Which are absolutely worthless, because English is an undefined language in a sense that it doesn't have a centralized institute that adds and alters the grammer and words of/to the language. The following sentence is actually correct English:
                          "Yo HomeZ i. was @ ur houZ jesturdai."


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                            Wow that one took me off-guard, especially considering the first Ontario/Zacate products aren't supposed to hit the shelves before Jan. 2011

                            Awesome job

                            Well, "only" thing left once the Brazos net/subnotebooks are out is finding one without the MS tax... *cough*


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                              I found it funny how close the Brazos (Ontario/Bobcat) test results of today were.

                              The cpu wasn't much better than the compared Atom, and it lost to a test unit of the Nano dual core.