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r500 opengl 2.0 .... where is this ?!

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    Originally posted by pvtcupcakes View Post
    I don't know what the exact framerate on r600 is, but it can't be more than 15-20fps.
    If i use -opengl like i say 1-4 FPS an some Graphic errors. With the D3D rendering is fine and the Frame Rate is around 10 up to 25 FPS.
    It does not matter the GPU clock ( low 300/500 and high 720/910 exactly the same FPS )
    Testet today with latest Client version and wine 1.2 and Drivers from the ppa


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      Originally posted by bridgman View Post
      Why would we not be putting efforts into Catalyst ? We need the proprietary driver for a number of markets, particularly workstation.

      The Gallium3D driver for 3xx-5xx seems to be getting pretty close to becoming the default. The Gallium3D driver for 6xx-7xx has also been moving ahead pretty quickly in the last couple of weeks. Both glisse and airlied are working on it, which is always a Good Thing.
      When the gallium driver becames default the old driver is gonna be removed? Because right now the gallium driver only works with KMS (2.6.35 and git versions of mesa and radeon drivers), and KMS is still highly unstable on my laptop with X1400: i got hard freezes frquently after 1 hour/6 hours/1 day of use and there arent any logs written to disk, so i am still using UMS...


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        Don't think there is any intention of removing the classic driver, it would just not be used by default.

        The interesting question is what would happen when the user forced UMS at boot. Right now the classic driver handles both KMS and UMS (as a result of the "radeon rewrite" effort) but not sure what would happen once Gallium3D driver became the default.

        My guess is that you would fall back to SW rendering but maybe there's already a plan for something more sophisticated.


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          It just exits with an error message if KMS is not detected. I don't think anyone cares about DRI1 in Gallium.


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            Time is better spent fixing kms problems than extending ums support.