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R800 3D mesa driver is shortly before release

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    Originally posted by BlueJayofEvil View Post
    I have to agree here. Trying DirectX 11 / OpenGL 4.x features will put major stress on lower-end cards. I don't care how "pretty" a game is; if it has low enough FPS to the point of being like a slideshow, then it's about as useful as a slideshow.
    you are wrong thats because for the exact same result dx11/openGL is much faster up to 40% because of texture compression and the bandwidth save from dropping bumpmap-textures and use of tessellation.

    for the same result on OLDER cards you need high Quality bumpmap textures and this kills the Vram bandwith means very very slow!

    if you use lowend textures near by zero and tiny dose of tesselation you save much on Vram bandwidh means you cann put lowend RAM on the GPU or use a IGP for the SAME result!!

    yes if you wana have much better quality result you need a huge GPU but lowend gamers don't care they wana have nerly the same result on less powerconsuming and less vram-banchwidh because thats save money!

    in the past vram bandwidh (hugh bumpmap-textures)use kills the IGP and lowend GPU's

    AND!!!!!!!! Bumpmap textures don't work on stereoscopic 3D output ;-)

    so you NEEED Tesselation for 'stereoscopic 3D' support

    or you will have very very ugle games in steroscopic3D view ;-)


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      Originally posted by elanthis View Post
      Remember, those $400 GPUs and $1000 CPUs are NOT MEANT FOR REAL PEOPLE. Uber nerds who live in their parents' basement and don't date anybody buy those things. Benchmark sites and magazines buy those things. Suckers who get talked into it by uber nerds who don't really know any better buy those things. Nobody else does.
      I feel offended that i'm not a real person. Apparently i'm a magazine.


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        Originally posted by L33F3R View Post
        I feel offended that i'm not a real person. Apparently i'm a magazine.
        he dismiss something if you are a OpenCL dev or user you can use a HD5870/2gb vram up to 100% 365 days a Year!

        the people just think about playing 3D games if they watch a HD5870

        but they miss the part that the HD5870 is one of the fucking fastest OpenCL cards... around...


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          Originally posted by Qaridarium View Post
          the hd5670 is better for gamers because dx11 is faster for the exact same graphic result as dx10 or dx9!
          Come on, the games are still dx9 with some dx10/11 shit.
          When dx11 will be available the 5670 will be old and slow enough to be useless.
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            So for which games you want to use that card now? When you want to play dx10 games you can buy a 4850 too which should be much faster.


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              Originally posted by FunkyRider View Post
              Without high end R&D, there will be no mainstream derivatives. It is the development of the high end burns most of the development cash so we 'average joe' could afford some shaped down new technology.
              There's a little truth to that, but usually a $1000 CPU is just a cherry-picked die of a $500 CPU, sold for the prestige of having "the fastest" rather than for any technological reason. Also, AFAICT the bulk of the money doesn't get dumped into any specific bin but rather into updating the technology base generally. I suspect that high-end stuff comes out first because it's better for marketing, because taking a working big/fast chip and scaling it down is less likely to cause problems than taking a working small/slow chip and scaling it up, and because the gaming/enthusiast market is where early bugs are most likely to be tolerated (since they really just want the horsepower and probably won't really care if e.g. suspend/resume doesn't work 100% of the time or there's the occasional minor rendering artifact, whereas corporate customers will probably want something a bit more solid/refined).


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                Originally posted by FunkyRider View Post
                Lol too late, I nearly bought a pair of HD 5850 yesterday, but judging that I won't even get '''2D''' accelerated desktop in Linux, I gave up the chance and went to SLI GTX 460 instead. Couldn't be happier
                Happier? Is this sarcasm? You puchased proprietary-only board instead of purchasing board with proprietary drivers for now and opensource later?

                I was in same situation and had to take 4770 instead of 5770.


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                  Originally posted by Qaridarium View Post
                  "Open-Source AMD/ATI Linux >"

                  i think this part of forum is crap free ;-) no 'fglrx' in my writing.
                  Lol, dude, 5 Stars!


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                    Originally posted by Kano View Post
                    So for which games you want to use that card now? When you want to play dx10 games you can buy a 4850 too which should be much faster.
                    Use 4770 instead. At same perfomance it by far produces less heat and wattage drain.


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                      I do not "use" ati in the normal term. I test fglrx with hd 4 and hd 5 series - and i compare drivers Linux vs. Win. And of course video accelleration...