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    Originally posted by blabub View Post
    So some months later:

    We moved our developers to linux with kdevelop.
    ATI GPUs with the catalyst driver were used. (Yes, we wanted ATI cause of the "coming" OSS driver)

    We had some troubles with broken textures and some strange crashes, but at the end we got it working.

    We were very happy when the catalyst came with OpenGL4 and it looks like it would be working.

    So we fixed problems that only happens within the linux clients. It costs some time and money at the end.

    New releases of the catalyst driver were released and more and more stuff got broken.

    With 10.7 we decided to stop the linux support (system freezes!) and move back to windows only development till the catalyst driver is "working".

    It is somehow really frustrating to pause/cancel the development of the linux client cause of bad GPU drivers.

    Some words from a small company that tried support linux gamers.

    PS: Sorry for the bad English.
    Just curious, have you been in contact with ATI through official channels (i.e. not this forum).

    Didn't you consider using r300 or r600 hardware that's already supported? I mean, if you had hopes for the OSS driver you would still be stuck with OGL 2.1 for the foreseeable future, so you could just as well go with hardware that's already supported?