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    The fix for Xv source clipping was fairly invasive and might have caused regressions in Xv and since very few apps use source clipping, I opted not to include it in the 6.12.x stable series. As I've said on several occasions, the 6.12-branch is the stable branch so distros that are using it should pull in the latest fixes as soon as they see fit, regardless of how often it's officially released.

    The main difference between 6.12.x and master is KMS support which we couldn't release until the KMS API was locked down which didn't happen until 2.6.34.


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      I'm already using the 6.13 tre on Fedora 13:

      This works fairly well alongide the 2.6.31 kernel with R600, but 2.6.32 is a little problematic - using an external DVI screen causes issues (f12 bug open)

      However my question is power management. I saw "UMS power management" in that list - that's non-KMS right, and have also read that the radeon testing git tree is exploring KMS power management

      So what are the current options with either 2.6.31 or .32 (in fedora) for power management using ATI?

      In particular I have a W500.
      - Using radeon driver ~38W
      - Windows ~27W
      - Intel integrated ~19W


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        Originally posted by planetf1 View Post
        So what are the current options with either 2.6.31 or .32 (in fedora) for power management using ATI?
        If you want to use 2.6.31/32, your only option is to use the static UMS power management options. 2.6.34 should have the initial KMS dynamic power management.


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          Originally posted by rycodge View Post
          You can add the kernel HEAD repo to yast:

          I'm currently running 2.6.33-rc7 on 11.2 from this repo, but the servers appear to be down at the moment.
          Off Topic: I might warn against using that repo. I'm currently running 2.6.33 (64-bit) from it and KMS doesn't seem to work with it, though that could just be something with my setup. Also, every once in a while broken packages will show up there (most recently it happened last week,) so be sure to keep a back up kernel just in case.


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            Originally posted by gordboy View Post
            And as for being someone who never contributes anything to open source, this is nonsense. The only reason I feel justified in kicking ass, is because I have contributed plenty, and continue to do so.

            So what I'd like to see is this : either get 6.13 released, or leave the project and let more competent people take over. It's that simple. Apart from ALSA, I can't think of one other important area of linux where the failure to release has been so prevalent and damning.
            What I would like to see is less needless bitching. Looks like neither of us is going to get what we want.

            BTW, if you are one of the more competent people, jump in and take over. It's obvious you have at least a little free time on your hands.


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              Can someone give a statement if this driver works better for HD content playback than fglrx?


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                I haven't tested these specific releases, but my Mythbuntu-based HTPC has been running using the xorg-edgers PPA for several months now. My fiance' and I watch live TV (over-the-air HD, displayed on a 720p display) on it all the time, and playback is smooth. When 10.04 gets released, I'll probably remove the PPA from my sources.list and stick with the stable version (assuming 6.13.0 gets pulled into lucid).

                I used to use fglrx on it, and almost always had tearing/flickering issues (unless I made the right burnt offerings beforehand). Keep in mind that I haven't used fglrx in probably 6 months, so I can't really speak to the current state of the binary driver.


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                  Keep Your Stupid Opinions To Yourself

                  Originally posted by elanthis View Post
                  You know, speaking as someone whom is frequently labelled an asshole, pandering to someone that abusive is just silly. You're putting a ton of work into software he gets for free and was never promised nor guaranteed when he bought the hardware; nobody owes him a damn thing. I wouldn't expect you to help me after I called you incompetent, and I don't see why you'd help him, either. All you're doing it telling him and everyone else that the way to get what they want is to insult and demean you guys.
                  Yes insulting. Yes demaining. And those idiot scum fully deserve it. A ton of work my arse. I've said it before and I'll say it again :

                  The radeon open-source project is a pathetic mess, run by idiots, with a supporting cast of morons who can't stand any criticism whatsoever.

                  If you guys want to avoid criticism then get some damn releases out instead of whining. And do me a favour, stop with the excuses, lies and misrepresentations.


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                    Idiot scum?

                    Talk is cheap. You have the source, do it better.


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                      Originally posted by rycodge View Post
                      You can add the kernel HEAD repo to yast:

                      I'm currently running 2.6.33-rc7 on 11.2 from this repo, but the servers appear to be down at the moment.
                      They were up for me, but alas, it does not work as advertised.

                      Starting with radeon.modeset=1 ends in a garbled console, albeit with the right resolution.

                      dmesg burbs:

                       24.720801] [drm] Initialized drm 1.1.0 20060810
                       24.845087] [drm] radeon kernel modesetting enabled.
                       24.846818] [drm] radeon: Initializing kernel modesetting.
                      26.004056] fb0: radeondrmfb frame buffer device
                      26.004073] [drm] Initialized radeon 2.0.0 20080528 for 0000:01:00.0 on minor 0
                      I don't understand the two different versions of drm.

                      With modesetting enabled (and latest drm, mesa and xf86-driver-radeon from git installed) glxinfo tells me:

                      direct rendering: No 
                      OpenGL vendor string: Mesa Project                                                
                      OpenGL renderer string: Software Rasterizer                                       
                      OpenGL version string: 1.4 (2.1 Mesa 7.6)
                      I guess it's back to Fedora, although I am quite impressed with the overall usability of SUsE.


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                        Which chip? AFAIR, Mesa 7.6 is too old for r600+