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New xf86-video-ati Release Planned With KMS

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    Is there any benchmark we can use? And I don't mean the bloated PTS, but rather just one of the programs it uses.


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      There are a number of benchmarks for individual operations; the problem is that AFAIK none of them really map well onto what a user sees, particularly when running through a compositor.

      Humans click things and judge performance based on the *range* of times it takes for the desired action to settle down on the screen, typically after having gone through the driver stack multiple times -- eg once to figure out what got clicked, once to react and draw stuff, once to composite the results, and maybe once more to make the composited screen visible.

      I am not aware of any benchmarks which track & measure end-to-end performance like that, or which measure response time multiple times and present some kind of distribution (since that is what best matches a user's perception of "performance").


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        Originally posted by airlied View Post
        are people seeing slow r600/700 running on AGP systems?

        also as someone else said make sure server 1.7 for KMS.
        I have a HD3650 running in an AGP system. Xorg server is 1.7.5 and kernel is 2.6.33. xf86-video-ati (4975658f05c387b39b3e96a292a7683f17645c2c) and mesa (54f9c509a1eddfa7b2600ef4e4c18c2e212f6d51) are both compiled from git.

        I also experience slowdowns, but I don't know how to reproduce it. After I have started my system everything seems to run well (switching tabs in Opera is instantaneous). After a while (after having open a lot of tabs >20, playing flash videos) I experience slowdowns (tabs switching takes ~2 seconds, flash videos begin to stutter). But unfortunately this behavior is also not reproducible. I've tried to find a case where the slowdowns are occurring predictably but I wasn't able to find one.


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          What I find interesting is the CPU usage when playing flash videos:

          Should this be normal behaviour, that it's faster using compositing?

          I'm using kwin from KDE 4.4.


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            Ah, replying to my own posts...

            If anyone wants to see slow behaviour with R600 AGP + KMS use KDE 4.4 with kwin compositing enabled. At least on my system the k-menu takes >2s until the menu opens.


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              For AGP, see:


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                Hm, if I understand it correctly some of the problems have been fixed in kernel 2.6.33, but there remain some speed problems where the cause is not known yet?
                I'd like to help finding the problems but don't know how to. I tried to use oprofile but didn't get anything useful out of it.


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                  Originally posted by Melcar
                  With my hd4850 KMS really screws things up (I will assume it's the same for any r6/7xx chip) as it is much much slower than UMS and certain applications are just unusable (Firefox being one).
                  Please post

                  dmesg | egrep 'drm|radeon'
                  You are probably don't have firmware file R600_rlc.bin on your system.


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                    Without R600_rcl.bin KMS will lock up the system. Since he gets a display at all, it means the firmware is there.


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                      Yeah, the firmware is there (and as pointed out, the system locks up without it). Moving to Lucid's xserver has made KMS mode more responsive though; it's still not fast, but at least the desktop isn't painful to use.