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How do I get underscan with radeonhd ???

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    Then use vga port and native res, thats the most stupid thing to do when you use a higher res than native. It is impossible to get a good picture.


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      Originally posted by batesman View Post
      Hello again,

      I raelly tried guys. But I can't force xserver to take my modified Modelines. But I even get very few Info from both (card and TV).
      So here's what I found out.

      But when I restartet Xorg there was no change at all.


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        First of all. I don't know how your A/V-Reciever works, but mine has only connectors with HDMI (and Komponent) for Video.
        Second is, you asked about the Monitor description. I told you that it has native 1024x768 but it's a 16:9 TV. So I think it's easier to tell my Mediacanter it's connected to 16:9 TV and let the inernal scaler of the TV do his, insteaad of trying to tell vdr/MMS that 1024x768 Pixel is like 16:9


        Seems Xorg is still taking data from EDID (even though I inserted the "IgnoreEdid" Option. But I'll do some further searching to fix that too.


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          DDC will report display size - so dpi is correct for X already ->

          xdpyinfo|grep dots

          also every video player can setup the aspect ratio, for mplayer it is

          -monitoraspect 16:9

          which could be put in .mplayer/config too as


          Your way is definitely not the best one - always best is it use native res.


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            @ Kano

            Sure, you're right. Usually it's best to use native Res.. But I wanted to use as few cabling as possible to Connet the HTPC with TV AND A/V-Reciever. And I don't believe it makes any difference in quality for watching TV if use VGA/native Res. or HDMI/720p. But to use HDMI cabling makes it much easier.
            But if I don't get it running this way I'll fall back to "your" solution.

            PS: nix für ungut ;-)