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Open-Source ATI R600/700 Mesa 3D Performance

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  • From what I read they were using the alpha color to determine what your clicking on. (I think it was alpha).
    It's a neat trick if it is accelerated, esp on small hardware like netbooks, but when it isnt accellerated it causes really weird things to happen. But I still don't think that is the cause of the exceeding poor performance under UMS. I think it could possibly be that it falls back to software rastering. I'm not 100% sure if that is possible.. but that is what it felt like. Any body know more about the clutter api and how it chooses renderers?

    Anyway I'm looking forward to 7.9, i'm running 7.8git builds and they rock so hard it is not funny.


    • Just saw this commit today:
      radeon/r200/r600: enable HW accelerated gl(Read/Copy/Draw)Pixels

      I'm just wondering what this means. I saw another commit yesterday that implemented the gl*Pixels functions, but they weren't enabled in that commit.

      Will this dramatically increase performance across the board, or increase compatibility? Or is it just something specific to certain edge cases?


      • I find it funny, Radeon users always live in the future

        When we had 2.6.32 with the 6.12.1 driver we were waiting for 2.6.33 to get kms working. Now that 2.6.33 and 6.12.5 is released we wait for 2.6.34 and 6.13 to be released to get dri2 support.

        Anyway it is a good thing! Also I get to see all the improvements from not being able to properly render images in 2.6.31 to maybe in the future have proper 3d support and crossfire.


        • Well, I know glxgears isn't the best benchmark, but DRI2/KMS is now close to the old UMS fps number in Debian sidux with drm/xf86-ati/mesa from git, using the latest 2.6.33 kernel. Previously, KMS wasn't throttling my CPU at all, and now it throttles a bit and the glxgears score is much closer to the UMS days (instead of being half the speed). I think the devs eliminated at least one of the bottlenecks in the recent commits - good work, folks!

          BTW, RV710/RadeonHD 4550 here for those curious.