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UVD/hw acceleration If, when?

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  • Originally posted by jonwil View Post
    It was in reference to the comment by Kjella about wanting to be rid of Flash and other proprietary plugins.
    Ah, I see. Sorry about that, I didn't read through his full post, it was kinda rambling...


    • Well, VP8 is here now, and I don't see it having any impact on the DRM situation.

      The fact is, DRM is a lie. Any security system that can only operate by making it illegal to study the system is no security system at all. SSL is a real security system - the full specs and several complete, interoperable implementations are available. Anyone can study and analyze it to their heart's content, and it remains secure, because it is built on a fundamentally secure design.

      DRM is fundamentally insecure and insecurable, and the people selling it as if it had any real technical merit simply have no morals or ethics. Companies built on people like that deserve to be put out of business and their executives deserve to be jailed, along with the legislators who signed up behind it.


      • Apparently Brazilians are a lot smarter about this than Americans.

        Or just less brainwashed by the big media companies. We shouldn't even be talking in terms of "Breaking DRM is illegal unless it's done for fair use," we should be talking in terms of "DRM that infringes fair use is illegal." All of this crap that has been shoved down our throats by hardware vendors and their licensors obviously violates our constitutional rights. All of these DRM locks should be removed immediately, fines or fees associated with them should be refunded retroactively, and everyone responsible for putting them in place should be shot for treason.

        Big media are the outlaws. Look around you, there are more individuals creating content than all of the corporations combined. Hi-Def camcorders are coming down in price, pretty soon everyone will be shooting their own Hi-Def movies and they'll be burning them onto BluRay discs. But once there, suddenly you lose all rights to copy and play your own movies on your own hardware? Pure BS. If DRM is supposed to protect the rights of content creators, then it should be allowing me to access and use everything I have created in the manner I choose. But it's not, it's a constant hindrance. Creativity isn't defined by budgets. One shouldn't be required to pay the 100X markup for professional/broadcast grade studio equipment just to be able to manipulate their own created content without restrictions.

        People who accept the existence and usage of DRM have already drunk the big media Koolaid.