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Testing Out ATI Kernel Mode-Setting On Ubuntu

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    Not much to see reallly...

    Uggh! These instructions are utterly hideous,
    but that was probably intentional to keep unqualified people (like me from using it. Just download the Fedora 11 RC livecd to play with KMS and DRI2 and burn it to a rewritable dvd and preserve your sanity and xorg config.

    It was cool to play with on my r430 for all of 2 minutes that I ran glxgears and got to see the flicker-free boot and my monitor finally didn't sound like it was being s0d0mized when I did a VT switch (which was instantaneous, nice). It crashed and/or corrupted when I tried to do anything useful with it like watch a movie or play a game or do compiz or composite.

    Not sure how much early adopter info is needed really, the developers seem to have more than enough apps, to flex opengl, xv, plus
    performance regressions and crashes don't take any effort to produce. There really isn't anything to see yet.

    But more test data can only help, so far be it from me to discourage anyone from giving it a go...

    Appreciate all the effort these radeon guys are doing for the linux community!

    Peace out!


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      Originally posted by AdamW View Post
      In Fedora, you don't need anything outside of the repos, just set that kernel parameter. For Ubuntu, I'm not sure, sorry.
      Thankies AdamW, project_phelius, I'll probably try the Fedora 11 livecd and then find out what's needed to do the same on Karmic Koala.

      project_phelius: Do you think that the R600/R700 support would end up being just as crashy as the R430 you tried out? How was 2D support in the driver?


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        Originally posted by suokko View Post
        <video src="...">
        Everyone has Shiretoko, right?
        You read my mind. May see Flash become extremely rare for videos within the next year. Yay for open standards and real competition!