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r200 register to enable SSAA

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    It seems discussion is converging to:
    on driver level, am I right? I've tested it briefly and yes, the results are nice but speed is not. I bet there is some secret sauce here too in the hardware and (old)proprietary drivers. A few more links follow...
    (accanti.c, remember to pull jitter.h too
    The same in Java:

    Oh and btw, I'm not buying the explanation about sniffing unDRMed video before the GPU – any reverse engineer worth his/her salt would get to the buffer anyway. More plausible would be HW decrypters in current GPUs for AACS and fear of key slipping out. That too is moot already. It seems also very strange to hold cashier of the (enter your brand here) supermarket responsible for murder because she/he sold a knife to someone for cutting cucumber (which particular someone may have bought also) and later found stuck in third persons back... Somewhat analogical to AMD providing docs to Linux driver development and the usage for doing Really Bad Thing One Must Not (by MPAA).

    Neither am I buying any new graphics hardware until these things get sorted out. I'm very well served with 2 to 5 years old stuff from scrap yard Old Radeons for real-time kernels and NVidia for 3D and video. [Keep IT recycling]

    Forgotten stuff:
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      I found an old whitepaper describing R200's FSAA implementation, which was given the marketing name "SmoothVision":

      It looks like the "secret sauce" lies in the way the sample buffers are arranged in RAM--i.e. the stuff about 16-sample blocks, which is kept intentionally vague in the whitepaper for obvious reasons. IIRC R200's Z-buffer compression (HyperZ) is also based on 16-pixel blocks, so there's probably some kind of connection.


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        Thank you all for your advises, you're great. I'm certainly enlightened. As soon as I have something working with 3d engine I will update the thread.