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ati 6.12 r700 Need Help Please?

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    @sadklown: I updated the "drm-radeon-module-git-r6xx-r7xx" package in AUR. I hope your problem is fixed now. At least with kernel 2.6.28.

    Maybe you can give me feedback.


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      It worked always with 2.6.28, but not with 2.6.29 - i made a script which fetches git and creates a dkms package - always current then.


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        The build has not worked with either 2.6.28 or 2.6.29 for me I get the same error for both "unknown symbol init_mm". I recompiled again to watch the output closer and it warns me about "unknown symbol init_mm", but I do not know how to proceed from here. I will try the new AUR package. If I have any thing to report I certainly will.

        Thanks gang


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          I did a search on driver builds failing with init_mm and found a heap of hits, for both NVidia and ATI/AMD, dating back a year or so. Hold on, I'll see if there are any common solutions.

          EDIT - bah,.all the threads start by talking about init_mm then wander off topic and fix a completely different problem ;(
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            Hey everyone, I switched to Archlinux 64bit and everything works like a charm now. I just wanted to thank everyone for the help(even though it was all for naught).

            Perry3d, I used your drm PKGBUILD and it worked perfectly once I switched, thany you very much makes everything so much easier.