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AMD Releases R600/700 3D Documentation

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    Seems to me with video formats that there needs to be a standard. A real standard, not a bunch of proprietary, look what I made up standards. Thus for video the CPU could just say, "Hey, this is video, I'll send this to the hardware decoder part of the GPU and send this audio data straight to the audio hardware audio decoder and be done with that. Job done."

    This way nVidia and ATI can focus more on speed and power monitoring, instead of just throwing out hardware specks that even they can't figure out how to make work properly with all the different APIs.

    A CPU shouldn't have to waist even one cycle on graphics or audio, it should just be decoded on the proper chip.

    That's my thought about it. Things are more complicated than they have to be in my opinion.

    It's like the advances in hardware are not keeping up in the leaps forword in software bloat.


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      It's not a question of figuring out how to make the hardware work with all the different APIs -- most of the APIs support the same set of video formats anyways (XvMC is the exception, unfortunately).

      The issue is that video acceleration is not a priority for any of the community devs right now so we're discussing ways of making it easier for new devs to get started. Given the shortage of devs interested in working on video acceleration right now, focusing resources on a single API rather than trying to implement *all* of them seems like a good idea.