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radeon 1300 and horizontal lines

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  • radeon 1300 and horizontal lines

    hello: im trying to move from fglrx (in fedora 8) to radeon/ati driver of fedora 10 (kmod-fglrx does not work right now with f10 and anyway i like open source drivers)... my laptop (t60 lenovo) uses a radeon 1300 (r5xx chipset) and the radeon driver works even with compiz enabled. the only problem i notice is that when i scroll firefox (with or without compiz) some horizontal lines appear around the firefox window. this is annoying. is there a way to fix this issue? the xorg.conf is the default one of f10.

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    Do the horizontal lines show up in a screen grab ? Are they permanent or do they only appear during the time things are moving and disappear as soon as you stop moving/scrolling ?


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      they disappear if i stop mooving!


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        i was able to solve the issue adding nomodeset in the kernel line of grub.conf and at the same time adding Option "DisplayPriority" "HIGH" to xorg.conf. if i remove one of the two, the issue exists.
        im wondering why


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          Just a guess, but unless you have the nomodeset boot option you are running with kernel modesetting code, ie the code in the kernel (drm) is programming the display portion of the GPU. It's possible that the KMS code does not read xorg.conf.

          If that is the case, then botting without nomodeset would simply ignore your DisplayPriority option -- and of course bootimg with nomodeset but *not* the DisplayPriority option isn't going to change anything.

          Make sense ? I have asked for confirmation about whether kms looks at xorg.conf in F10.


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            The lines are due to underflow from the memory controller to the display engine due to contention with the 3D engine. The DisplayPriority option adjusts display fifo setup to help alleviate that. The display fifo setup has not been ported to KMS yet since it uses floating point math (which is not allowed in the kernel). It needs to be converted to fixed point. KMS uses kernel module options or sysfs attributes (which are run-time adjustable) for driver specific configuration rather than a static xorg.conf.
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              ... and this means i wont have a good boot screen for-ever????? hope no, f10 booting is cool :-P. and yes, i was the one nicknamed konrad in the #radeon irc channel :-)


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                The display fifo setup code will get ported to the kernel eventually.