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xf86-video-ati 6.10.0 Released

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    Originally posted by Porter View Post
    ^ Is anyone else having this issue?
    Try latest git (post 6.10.0), there is a possible fix to that problem:


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      Originally posted by calica View Post
      I'm getting some strange behavior with 6.10.0. When I come back to the machine after a few hours (over night, etc) and move the mouse to wakeup the display, it wakes up for a second then blanks for a few secs and repeats a few more times. Total time varies between 10-30 secs (rough guess, seems a lot longer but I'm sure I'm just impatient)

      My log contains a bunch of the following entries:
      Disable CRTC 0 success
      Blank CRTC 1 success
      Disable CRTC 1 success
      Enable CRTC 0 success
      Unblank CRTC 0 success
      Output 66 disable success
      Enable CRTC 0 success
      Unblank CRTC 0 success
      Output 66 enable success
      Output 66 disable success
      Blank CRTC 0 success
      My card is a X1650Pro. Running "xrandr -q" doesn't reproduce it. And it was just fine in 6.9.0. I'd like to submit a real bug report but not sure of the URL of the tracker. I'd also like to know what other info would be useful.



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        Originally posted by oibaf View Post
        Try latest git (post 6.10.0), there is a possible fix to that problem:
        Weird missing link issue on the tracker, that's odd. I'll try the latest build from Tormod Volden's PPA. Thanks!


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          Just reinstalled my X1950 Pro. xf86-video-ati 6.10 seems to work nicely. I do have a few extra things enabled in xorg.conf, as per the suggestions on the radeon wiki:

          Section "Device"
          	Identifier	"Card0"
          	Driver		"radeon"
          	Option		"DPMS" "true"
          	## Use EXA (faster) or XAA (merely fast)
          	Option		"AccelMethod" "EXA"
          	## For PCIe. Use accelerated EXA DownloadFromScreen hook.
          	Option		"AccelDFS" "1"
          	## Increases 3D performance substantially
          	## possibly in XAA mode only
          	Option		"EnablePageFlip"
          	## 0 - 64 MB of gart (system) memory used.
          	## Wrongly defaults to 8MB sometimes, so check logs.
          	#Option		"GARTSize" "64"
          	## Increases 3D performance substantially, supposedly
          	Option		"ColorTiling" "1"
          	Option		"DynamicClocks" "on"
          I do notice that according to my logs, EnablePageFlip is disabled in R500 and newer chips, so it seems that this option is definitely not needed when running in EXA mode on this card. Though I stuck the GARTSize option in there in case I needed it, I couldn't find any log hits that reported GART size, so it doesn't seem to be needed.

          A quick run of glxgears shows that it's still reporting about 5500 FPS, same as with xf86-video-ati 6.9. (Edit: with mesa-7.3_rc2, it's now 5700 FPS, about 150 FPS faster.)

          The last time I tried UT2004 with the radeon driver, I had to turn all settings down to minimum. There was still a fair amount of occasional slowdown in online matches. The card wasn't as good as my nVidia 7600GT running with the proprietary nvidia driver. Too bad -- the X1950 has at least twice the specs of the nVidia card, yet the FOSS drivers can't seem to fully utilize the hardware.

          I fired up UT2004 again, and on servers with few to no players, I was able to play at almost the same settings. I usually play with max resolution and everything else at max on the nVidia card. I just had to turn off a few of the highest settings and reduce the detail distance for my X1950. Works for mostly empty maps. Maps full of players reduced the game to a 9FPS stutter-fest. Completely unworkable, so I'll have to do more tweaking.

          More disturbing is that the new driver hard-locks my box sometimes! If I pull up the in-game menu with Escape, sometimes that hardlocks the box. The screen gets filled with graphical corruption -- triangles, colors, lines -- and doesn't respond.

          I can't SSH into the box, so I have to hit the reset button. Not good.

          Overall, the new driver is okay -- a bit faster for 2D work than even 6.9, and even a bit faster for 3D. But it's much, much more unstable for 3D usage. Kind of a mixed bag, I'm sorry to say.
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