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Please write about NVidia's 2D performance problems

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    I have altered my benchmark post, since I think it is wise to give some more detailed information about the system where the benchmark is run on.

    For each posted benchmark, If we know the board type, the X window system version, the driver version, kernel version, .config of the kernel (you may get yours from /proc/config.gz if you have enabled that particular feature in your kernel), chipset & cpu and whether you run in 64-bit or 32-bit mode, then we may be able to find an actual cause.

    Anyone a suggestion which metric would also be of interest?

    That would be very nice, to have some evidence and a cause for this problem.


    Since your performance does seem indeed magnitudes slower, what is your particular configuration?


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      Well, I have 3 PCs with nvidia cards:
      GF488Go Laptop
      PC - GF5200
      PC - GF6600

      Because of nvidia's legacy drivers, I don't get any 2D enhancements for the first two cards, and even the 6600 won't be fully supported. (there are statements that some specific options will only be enabled on GF8xxx hardware).
      Performance of the GF488Go and the GF5200 were quite ok, as long as I don't touch KDE4 or FireFox3. Maybe its because they are AGP, and thats friendlier to software-fallbacks.
      On the 488 I found a bug leading to rendering-errors with all java-programs and was told that they won't fix it in a legacy driver.
      The 6600 was never a lot of fun, especially considering how powerful this hardware could have been with proper drivers.

      My new laptop is Intel-945GM based. With XAA it offers the best 2D experience I have ever seen, while EXA is currently getting better and better.

      Yes, indeed, I would be happy to see some news, or maybe contacts with the development team.

      lg Clemens
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        I have no problems with Palit Sonic+ GF8600GT


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          Originally posted by sid350 View Post
          I have no problems with Palit Sonic+ GF8600GT
          I am using GeForce 8500 GT, no problem here as well.

          But, I do like to read more about what others are facing.


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            Originally posted by Linuxhippy View Post
            My new laptop is Intel-945GM based. With XAA it offers the best 2D experience I have ever seen, while EXA is currently getting better and better...
            I know this is out of topic, but I can't help to comment. I never quite get XAA working for my Intel 945GM. In fact, if I only have the config of Driver "intel" in my xorg.conf file (the rest are VendorName, BoardName and BusID, which should not affect its performance), It enable EXA by default.

            Since, by default the intel driver using EXA, we should assume EXA is better than XAA? No?

            Anyway, if XAA works for you, I guess is fine.
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              Originally posted by lenrek View Post
              I am using GeForce 8500 GT, no problem here as well.

              But, I do like to read more about what others are facing.
              8600GT and 8800GT. I have ~12 kde terminals open; after a few hours the
              scrolling compiler output gets slower, which I can fix by setting
              IPP=2 and GlyphCache=1 with nvidia-settings. Repeat every few hours
              (with a cronjob).

              I didn't notice any scrolling slowdowns in firefox or any other apps I


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                On my 7800GT desktop the 2D graphics gradually slows down. It would take atleast 10 hours of heavy usage before the slowdown becomes noticeable, it only gets worse until I restart X.

                The situation does not happen when using KDE3.5's compositing manager, and is worst when using Compiz.

                Running X 7.2 with X server 1.3, and 169.something drivers (although this was the case since about the ~90 or ~100 drivers)

                To get around the problem I try to restart X every day.


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                  Hmm... I decided to give it a try, based on what I read so far in this thread.

                  Currently, I am running total 26 Gnome-Terminalx in my desktop. 14 of them echoing "fortune -s" string, in every 1 seconds. 2 of them running 'top' command. So far, I have been running them about 18 hours. No slowness of any kind is noticeable. Neither does any of my applications (like firefox or OpenOffice Writer) has any problem.

                  Before I start doing the experiment, the system has been running for > 4 days (this desktop PC is also a tor router, so most of time, I let it run continuously, even when i am not using). My desktop is Dropline GNOME, but using Compiz-Fusion instead of Metacity. So far, no system freeze of any kind.

                  System info:
                  $> uname -simpro
                  Linux i686 Intel(R) Pentium(R) D  CPU 2.66GHz GenuineIntel GNU/Linux
                  $> glxinfo | grep renderer
                  OpenGL renderer string: GeForce 8500 GT/PCI/SSE2
                  $> head /var/log/Xorg.0.log
                  X Window System Version 1.3.0
                  Release Date: 19 April 2007
                  X Protocol Version 11, Revision 0, Release 1.3
                  Build Operating System: Slackware 12.0 Slackware Linux Project
                  Current Operating System: Linux orion #1 SMP Sat Jul 5 23:36:01 SGT 2008 i686
                  Build Date: 09 May 2007
                  However, IIRC, it did freeze when GL's base screensaver was enabled (that happened a few weeks ago). But, is not something that I would concern much, since I am not that fancy of screensaver. I have not enabled screensaver since then.

                  Anyway, will let it run for a few more days...
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                    Originally posted by lenrek View Post
                    X Window System Version 1.3.0
                    Well, to clarify, I'm on Ubuntu Hardy, which uses X.Org X Server, and gnome rendering is really slow here:

                    $ glxinfo|grep renderer
                    OpenGL renderer string: GeForce 8600M GS/PCI/SSE2


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                      I've got a 6200 something-er-other in my tower. I bought it because I kept hearing how the drivers "Just Worked (TM)" in Linux. Since I'm not much on 3D, I didn't mind the ~1500 fps in glxgears. And before I started testing KDE4 last fall (and before openSUSE pushed Firefox 3 on me), the 2D stuff was just fine.

                      But when it comes to KDE4 and/or Firefox 3, my laptop (X1300 graphics) literally runs circles around my tower. There's such a huge performance discrepancy that I went back to KDE3.5.9 exclusively on my tower, and only use Firefox when there's a website that gives both Konqueror and Opera fits.


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                        I have no problems

                        I'm using GeForce 7300 with KDE-3.5.9 and nVidia's proprietary driver.
                        I did face some initial problems with 2D. But after I made the following changes to my /etc/X11/xorg.conf, most of the problems went away:

                        Option "UseEvents" "on"
                        Option "OnDemandVBlankInterrupts" "on"
                        Option "TripleBuffer" "on"


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                          I stop the test, since I can't seem to face the same problem as you guys. Maybe is the Xorg version I am using, since mine is 1.3.0.


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                            I`m Using opensuse 11 with KDE3.5.9 and 8800gts ( g80 ),
                            2D and 3D is working with no problem at all, i know this is not a issue but i wanted tell that on compination ( Distro+desktop+drivercard ), what i use, works fine and i think many other users have working system too, why thiss so, not 100% sure.


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                              I guess KDE 4 creates some problems and in some cases Firefox 3.


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                                Thats true kano, on opensuse i prefer much more KDE3 than 4, Firefox 3 have work fine, how it does work on other people is different thing..
                                Even i heard some problem on ubuntu/kubuntu people too, meaning KDE3 or 4 , situation, that 3 works better than 4.