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The NVIDIA GTX 750 Ti Maxwell Continues Running Great On Linux

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    Forgot to mention that this is in an open case, in a closed one the fan would likely be inaudible.


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      I'm impressed with this card. It's probably more of a crappy ATI driver issue than an actual gauge of performance, but the EVGA 750 Ti FTW vastly outperforms the HD5870 I replaced with it.

      My HD5870 was always problematic in Linux anyway, the performance was only marginally ahead of the quite significantly technically inferior 8800GTX I also have.


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        Originally posted by TheLexMachine View Post
        MSI cards are good but they are always OCd and the ones I've used with Linux rev up whenever I do something simple like play a video due to their BIOS power settings, which I cannot control under Linux. My GTS 450 is whirring away in my PC right now and I'm not even doing anything that requires GPU power. Given that the bulk of these cards are dual-fan designs, I'd be hesitant to get one for myself until there are more reference designs available for compact systems like the one I have. I suspect there will also be more cards around the holiday season packing HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort while the current ones are just DVI/VGA/HDMI 1.4 for the most part.
        I run a MSI stock overclocked R7970 Lightning BE under Linux and it's rock stable and relatively quiet. Same goes for the AMD drivers, no issues.